Saving Lives – Reducing Healthcare Costs

Developing and Commercializing Non-Invasive
Screening Tests to Aid Disease Diagnosis

Company Profile

Miraculins (TSX.V:MOM | OTC:MCUIF) is an emerging biotechnology company that acquires, develops and commercializes non-invasive screening tests to aid physicians in the earlier diagnosis of disease. The company’s lead technology programs – the Scout DS® Diabetes Screen and the PreVu® Skin Cholesterol Test – are point-of-care tests that screen for risk of diabetes and coronary artery disease without needles, blood draw, fasting or waiting... characteristics that encourage individuals to get screened earlier and often.

The Company’s commercialization strategy includes leasing and selling its medical devices and consumables to hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices; delivering retail testing through stand-alone kiosks in pharmacies/grocery chains; and providing workplace health screenings through private and public sector companies, as well as through government employers.

Miraculins continues to explore new in-licensing and acquisition opportunities as well in areas where there are unmet clinical needs, while advancing its current technology programs.

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